Deadlands Noir at Event Horizon

Arouet Labs - Field Trial Report #1

Last night, I was finally able to get field performance data on the Arouet Refracted Collimated-output Electricity Projector (or, as Montague calls it, the “ARCoE gun”).

I entered the Trevigne family crypt with my companions, Mr. Laveaux and Mr. Smoke. Inside, we found a vile nest of cultists, led by a voodoo priest and a huge bald black fellow!

Seeing that the large fellow was almost certainly a triple murderer, and was currently menacing the daughter of my employer, I turned the ARCoE gun on him, engaged the super-capacitor circuit, and depressed the trigger. For a moment, I thought I had made a terrible mistake, as I felt the gun’s energy through my gloves. I quickly released the trigger, but received enough current to momentarily daze me.

I noticed my mistake at once – an unfortunate placement of a radiant cooling fin that had shorted to the internal circuit. I adjusted my grip slightly and let fire again. Results were more satisfying this time, as the blob of charged gas – what I believe is termed an electrical plasma – streaked from the emitter towards the huge killer. Making contact, the blob appeared to cause significant damage to the creature.

Two shots later, the beast-man was down. I turned my aim to Alphonse, the former houseman-turned-voodoo priest about to strike down the lovely Constance, daughter of his employer. Squinting and praying, I fired the final charge from the gun towards the villain! As before, the ball of lightning shot towards my target, striking him squarely and ending his evil plans.

Sadly, I could tell from the particular sizzling sound and acrid smell wafting from the ARCoE gun that the last shot had overtaxed the components. Having to make do with these consumer-grade parts has definitely had a detrimental impact on the predictability of the weapon. When I squeeze the trigger, I hardly know whether to expect total annihilation of my target, or a feedback effect that knocks me off my feet.

I shall continue to make adjustments and upgrade components as time permits. Perhaps Montague can offer some insights – though he is a mere lab assistant, I have come to rely on his quick mind and keen sense of observation to supplement my own skills.

I shall report further, as I am able to make additional field trials.

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