City Center

Population: 30,000

Serving as the informal divide between the newcomers in Uptown and the Creoles of Downtown, the City Center acts as a meeting ground between these two cultures and areas.


Population: 60,000

When it comes to the terms “Uptown” and “Downtown,” the terms refer to their location along the Mississippi. Downtown is where the original Creoles settled down and is now where some of the worst slums in the Big Easy can be found.
With a large transient population, it’s hard to put a finger on how many plugs actually live there.

The French Quarter

Population: 12,000

Technically this is part of Downtown, but to everyone outside of New Orleans, this is what they think of when they hear the cities name. The architecture is rather European, which outsiders might find out of place in the Confederate swamps.
With a sense of possibly intentional irony, both the state Supreme Court and the Italian community can be found here.
The French Quarter’s business follow no logic in their locations relative to each other as eclectic antique shops rub shoulders with corner grocers or elegant dress shops.
The district is also home to more than a few “haunted” houses, almost every block has one or two. A few voodoo shops can be found here. They’re for the tourists, selling trinkets and “charms,” but if you really want to find a bona fide voodoo shop, you’d best look elsewhere.

List of French Quarter Locations


Population: 150,000

With the exception of the Upper Ninth Ward, this is the newest area of New Orleans thanks to technology advances which allowed the ground to be raised high enough to not be a constant mud pit.


Population: 65,000

The largest port in the Confederacy runs nearly eight miles from Maringy-Bywater into Uptown. So large, in fact, that it takes eight separate dockworkers’ unions to service the area. The Harbor Police have jurisdiction here, so land-bound buttons better keep out. Due to the huge amount of materials and people that go through the port, the Harbor Police draw quite of interest—and money—from the Black Hand.


Population: 175,000

When Americans started to move into New Orleans, this is where they settled.

The Outskirts

Population: 20,000

This includes the areas of and beyond the city limits.
Abandoned Plantations
Bayou Country


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